Think Like an Origami Designer!

Simple Steps to Create Your Own Origami Models

This Course is not currently open for enrollment but I may be offering another session soon. If you would like to receive information about a future offer, please add your name to the waitlist below.

Imagine Having the Skill to Design Your Own Origami Models...

  • Have you ever wanted to design your own origami models, but aren’t sure where to begin?
  • Have you ever wondered about the creative process that origami designers follow to create their models?
  • Have you ever considered what original models you might be able to create if you just knew more about that creative process?
  • If you had the opportunity to learn from those who know something about creativity and the design of original origami, would you take it?
  • If you knew how to engage with the design process, would you explore your creative vision and experiment with your own design ideas?
  • Would you like to be part of a supportive community of like-minded origami artists and designers who will give you thoughtful and encouraging feedback on your creative efforts?
  • Are you interested in exploring how the creative principles of origami can be applied to other areas of your life?

How I Found the Real Secret to Origami Creativity...

When following diagrams or instructions to learn new origami models I am always fascinated by the process, and I find this learning and discovery a magical and rewarding experience. As much as I love that process now, I struggled for the longest time to make sense of those diagrams, and I also wondered how origami models were created, and how to begin creating my own.

I remember asking that very question in an origami forum at one time long ago, and I didn't receive even a single reply. Not one. My assumption then was that creativity in origami was reserved only for geniuses, for those born with a very special kind of creative talent, and that I would have to remain content with following the directions of those who had been given such a gift.

And that was that until the day I set myself a goal and embarked on a project that changed not only the way I approached origami, but also the way I perceived myself in relationship to this wonderful art. After that project I no longer viewed myself as one who had to be satisfied with simply following the direction of others, but someone who could also enjoy the journey as a creator and designer of original origami designs.

What I found during the course of that project was the gift of creativity in origami, and it is this gift that I would like to share with you; to help you realize that within you too there is that same creative ability which only needs to be encouraged and cultivated to blossom into something exciting and wonderful.

I am so pleased to offer what I have learned about origami and creativity in this workshop and I look forward to meeting you, to seeing your work, and sharing my knowledge and experience in hopes that your own creative journey will thrive and bring you the rewards you seek.

Unlocking The Door to Your Inner Origami Designer

Simple steps for designing your own original origami models.

In this hands-on online course we are going to fold some delightful models and in the process we will explore how these models grew from initial inspiration to finished pieces.

By looking carefully at the creative process, you will discover how you too will be able to use a growing understanding of a creator's conceptual tools and use these tools as a spring-board to create new and original figures that you can share and call your own.

You will emerge from the class not only with strategies to create origami models, but also a sense of empowerment with your own creative abilities so that you can take your love of origami to the level of origami creation you have hoped for.

The course is a five week pilot program exploring origami and creativity and it will cover a range of topics of interest to paper folders who want to explore ways to grow their creative practice through origami.

We will be a group of no more than 20 participants who will meet live, once a week for ninety minutes to learn and fold new models, explore strategies for creating our own original models, and support and encourage each other to grow as creative artists.

THE ENROLLMENT DEADLINE for this online course is Wednesday June 27th at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) so don't delay!

Are You Ready to Discover Your Creative Gift With Origami?

This course is for anyone who is interested in the creative process as it relates to origami and wants to...

  • Learn how to create original origami models
  • Fold confidently and develop their artistic voice
  • Increase their ability to think creatively and fold with greater confidence
  • Reach to do their best creative work
  • Take steps toward developing their own models
  • Improve their ability to interpret diagrams
  • Learn key principles about creativity and origami

What You Will Gain By Taking This Workshop...

  • Learn strategies to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Fold a handful of new origami figures with a joyful and calm spirit as you engage with your own creative process.
  • Increase patience, flexibility, and trust in your own abilities.
  • Elevate your confidence as an origami creator.
  • Expand your ability to think creatively.
  • Produce original work you will be proud to share.
  • Ignite your curiosity and continue exploring your creative gifts

An Origami Course Curriculum Designed To Stretch Your Mind

  • Week 1 - Module 1: The Basic Principles of Creativity and Origami Model Design

In this first module we will examine some basic principles of creativity as it relates to origami and origami model design. You’ll learn how to begin applying these ideas to the process of folding paper so that your mind stretches and begins to think differently. We will fold a box and various decorative lids as a way to exercise basic creativity. As an assignment, you will be given a simple prompt and basic guidelines to work on a new origami idea.

  • Week 2 - Module 2: Where Do Origami Design Ideas Come From?

We will have a show-and-tell period –including Q&A, share the work of the previous week, and analyze the process you went through as your worked on your assignment. We will fold two different components for a classic and fun game originated in Egypt, and based on the models already folded in the class, you will be presented with a new exercise during the next week.

  • Week 3 - Module 3: How to Assess, Improvise, and Cultivate Fresh Design Ideas.

We will have a show-and-tell period (including Q&A) and share the work of the previous week. We will explore whatever new ideas were inspired by the Module 2 assignment, and whatever challenges this work might have presented. We will fold a multi-piece origami star and learn the module for a 12-piece wreath of hearts, Leyla’s variation on the work of another creator. Using this module as a base you will be prompted to fold the original module and variations of your own.

  • Week 4 - Module 4: The Benefits of Failure and What It Can Teach

We will have a show-and-tell period (including Q&A) and share the work of the previous week. In this session we will walk through a case study of the genesis of an origami model based on a square piece of paper, designed by Leyla. We will learn how to fold some related models and using these models as examples explore other creative ideas that can stem from the folding process.

  • Week 5 - Module 5: How to be patient.

We will have a show-and-tell period (including Q&A), and share the work of the week. In this session, we will walk through a case study and the genesis of an origami model based on a NON square piece of paper designed by Leyla, and learn to fold related models.

Your Instructor

Leyla Torres
Leyla Torres

Leyla Torres has been painting in watercolor for more than 40 years. She has written and illustrated several children's books published by Farrar Straus and Giroux NYC, and been commissioned for special projects by The Nature Conservancy. Educated in Colombia and the United States, Leyla is an experienced teacher who has worked in the visual arts with students at every age and level.

"Hi Leyla I’ve been looking at origami instructions for my son’s school assignment and I have to say you are the absolute best teacher. Thank you for taking the time and effort to teach us, you are truly wonderful. ~Anna

"I love your website and videos. So glad that you share all that with us. It is very inspiring." ~ Karen Anderson

"Dear Leyla, You have very useful video tutorials! Great! Congratulations!" ~ TÓTH Lajos art teacher and graphic designer Hungary

“Where do goosebumps come from? This past year has been another remarkable effort from you Leyla, to bring to us all, the most spectacular models always superbly taught. Behind and inside each tutorial is always a gentleness and, I feel, the essence of the true spirit of origami; and that indeed is love.” ~Rosemary Browne

“Thank you so much for your knowledge, talent and inspiration. Your tutorials are enjoyable and peaceful which helps the learning process. The art of Origami should be taught in that manner. I think there is more to this art than just folding a piece of paper. It takes your mind away from the daily stresses, gives a sense of accomplishment, and a great piece of art to display.

Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. I am glad to see you are taking your sight to new levels. Origami is in your heart. Keep sending your passion to us!” ~ Pat Demharter

"Leyla, it is a pleasure watching you give such wonderful instructions for Origami folded crafts. Thank you for being so generous sharing your creativity with us. Bless You." ~Gloria

"Wow! Excellent tutorial! Excellent pacing. I didn’t know if I could keep up or if my skills were good enough to do this, but I could! Had to back up a couple of times because I thought I knew what was coming and dashed ahead, but I have an elephant setting on my desk to decorate a baby gift for my elephant loving daughter-in-law. Again, Wow!" ~Jane Bentley

"THANK YOU!!! Incredibly-clear instructions! SO happy; will practice for a beautiful cousin celebrating his 90th in July. He is a huge elephant advocate. Thank you, again!!!" ~Tricia Ford

Thank you for the video – you included an extra step towards the end which made all the difference for me. From scratching my head to aha I’ve got it! ~Anne

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop begin?
The next workshop is scheduled to begin in early August 2018. Dates to be announced.
What time will we meet?
Each class session runs from 11:30 AM to 1pm EST (Eastern Standard Time - New York City)
How experienced do I need to be with Origami to take this workshop?
If you can fold the origami crane you will do just fine in this workshop.
How much time will each session take?
The workshop will have a live session once a week, on Saturday's from 11:30 - 1PM Eastern Standard Time. During the week between sessions it is suggested that you spend at least two hours folding and processing the material covered during the previous session.
Will there be homework?
An assignment will be given at each Saturday session that you can work on during the week and apply what you've learned. The following session will begin with a review, assessment, and discussion of this completed assignment.
Will I receive personalized feedback of my work?
Yes. This will be a supportive and nurturing environment where we will encourage and learn from each other. With a limited enrollment of no more than 20 participants you will be connected to a community of origami artists traveling this same path. During the live weekly session you will be able to share your work, ask questions, and provide support and assistance to other members of the workshop. There will also be a private Facebook group where you can share and comment at any time.
Are the weekly sessions recorded?
Yes! It would be ideal if you attended each meeting ask your questions and be present as an active participant. However, we understand that things come up unexpectedly and that life sometimes conflicts with previously scheduled appointments. It's for this reason you will have access to the recordings of the live sessions.
What are the technical requirements to take this course?
You need to be able to access the internet, watch videos with audio and download, open, and print,PDF’s. If you've used Facebook, and watched Youtube videos you should be just fine. We will meet using Zoom conferencing application–– which will allow us to interact with each other using video, voice, and chat. You will be provided with a room number where we will be meeting and all sessions will be recorded and shared with you for your future reference. Details will be provided after you sign up for the workshop.
What if I have a question not answered here?
Email your question to:

Our 30 Day Newly-Minted-Origami-Designer Money-Back Guarantee

Here's my guarantee to you because I want you to be very comfortable signing up for this course. You can sign-up for this program, attend all five of the scheduled sessions knowing that I am so very confident that you will just love this workshop.

In it you will learn new ideas and strategies for developing your own creative origami designs, and you'll have resources and understanding available to you that you didn't have before the class. You will also cultivate friendships and be supported in your efforts to grow as a practicing origami artist.

I promise that if you don't absolutely love this class, I will return all your money within 30 days after the last scheduled session, provided that you tell me what didn't work for you so that I can learn and improve.

You already know how to fold and now all you need to do is discover your why and then the what will follow. Isn't that exciting?

It would be wonderful to have you join us, to share in the learning and companionship, and to have fun!