The Joy of Origami!

Create Delightful Models to Amaze and Inspire.

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Imagine Having the Skill to Design Your Own Origami Models...

  • Have you ever wondered about the creative process that origami designers follow to create their models?
  • Have you ever considered what models you might be able to create if you just knew more about that creative process?
  • If you had the opportunity to learn from those who know something about creativity and the art of origami design, would you take it?
  • If you knew how to engage with the design process, would you explore your creative vision and experiment with your own design ideas?
  • Have you ever wanted to design your own origami models, but aren’t sure where to begin?
  • Are you interested in exploring how the creative principles of origami can be applied to other areas of your life?

How I Found the Real Secret to Origami Creativity...

When learning a new origami model, or folding models that I've known about and folded for years, I am always fascinated by the act of folding, with the folding process itself, and that with every model there is a new discovery or realization about the creative process. It's always a magical and rewarding experience. As much as I love that process I'd always wondered how origami models were created, and how to begin go about creating my own.

I remember asking a question about this in an origami forum at one time long ago, and I didn't receive even a single reply. Not one. My assumption then was that creativity in origami was reserved just for the geniuses, for those born with a very special kind of creative talent, and that I would have to remain content with following the directions for models made by people who had been given such a gift.

And that was that until the day I set myself a goal and embarked on a project that changed not only the way I approached origami, but also the way I perceived myself in relationship to this wonderful art. After that project I no longer viewed myself as one who had to be satisfied with simply following the direction of others, but someone who could also enjoy the journey as a creator and artist of origami.

What I found during the course of that project was the gift of creativity in origami, and it is this gift that I would like to share with you; to help you realize that within you too there is that same creative ability which only needs to be encouraged and cultivated to blossom into something exciting and wonderful.

I am so pleased to offer what I have learned about origami and creativity in this workshop and I look forward to meeting you, to seeing your work, and sharing my knowledge and experience in hopes that your own creative journey will thrive and bring you the rewards you seek.

Unlock The Door to Creative Expression with Origami

Simple steps for designing your own origami models.

In this self-paced course we will fold some delightful models and in the process explore how these models grew from initial inspiration to finished pieces.

By looking carefully at the creative process you will discover how to use your growing understanding of a creator's conceptual tools as a spring-board to create new origami figures that you can share and call your own.

You will emerge from the class not only with strategies to create origami models, but also a sense of empowerment with your own creative abilities so that you can take your love of origami to the level of origami creation you have hoped for.

This course will cover a range of topics of interest to paper folders who want to explore ways to grow their creative practice through origami.

Are You Ready to Discover and Share Your Creative Gifts?

This course is for anyone who is interested in the creative process as it relates to origami and wants to...

  • Explore the possibility of creating their own origami models
  • Fold confidently and develop their artistic voice
  • Increase their ability to think creatively and fold with greater confidence
  • Reach to do their best creative work
  • Take steps toward developing their own models
  • Learn key principles about creativity and origami
  • Work through the course material at their own pace

What You Will Gain By Taking This Workshop...

  • Learn strategies to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Fold a handful of new origami figures with a joyful and calm spirit.
  • Engage with your personal creative process.
  • Increase patience, flexibility, and trust in your own abilities.
  • Elevate your confidence as an origami creator.
  • Expand your ability to think creatively.
  • Produce origami work you will be proud to share.
  • Ignite your curiosity and continue exploring your creative gifts.

An Origami Course Curriculum To Stretch Your Mind

  • Module 1: Basic Principles of Creativity

In this first module of the course, we'll take a look at the principles of creativity. You will learn how to apply these principles to the process of folding paper to and begin to think more broadly about the creative process. As points of departure to exercise this creativity we will fold a box and a few different decorative lids. A simple prompt, and basic guidelines to work on a new origami idea, will be given as an assignment.

  • Module 2: The four-stage process of creating origami figures

In this module we will be folding the Tic Tac Toe pieces that we set as a creative challenge in the first module. We will take a look at a four-stage process for designing origami, and why it is important to use this process. You will be given a demonstration of how to make a heart, how to create connectors, and other variations as points of departure to exercise your creativity. As a special challenge, you will be given the basic elements to make a multi-piece star, and you’ll be asked to complete this model on your own.

  • Module 3: Cultivating and Nurturing Your Creative Ideas

In this module we will be folding the multi-piece star that was set as a creative challenge in the module two. You will be shown a demonstration of how to make three-dimensional locks as points of departure to exercise your creative origami spirit. We will also be folding a multi-piece origami star and learning the module for a 12-piece wreath of hearts which is my variation on the work of another creator. Using this module as a base, you will be prompted to fold a module and your own variations.

  • Module 4: What Failure can Teach Us

In this module, as a case study, we will walk through the design genesis of an origami model, designed by myself, from a square piece of paper. You will learn how to fold some related models and using these models as examples you will explore other folding ideas that can serve as points of departure for your own creative paper folding.

  • Module 5: How to cultivate patience.

In this module I will explore with you several more points of departure and ideas that you can use to experiment with and generate your own models. I will share ideas for creativity in rendering the human figure, and working with paper shapes other than the square. You will also receive seven suggestions on how to deal with frustration and develop more patience.

Your Instructor

Leyla Torres
Leyla Torres
Leyla's love for watercolor sprang from a watercolor class she took while at University in Bogotá, Colombia. Maestro Luis Angel Rengifo was her most generous and encouraging teacher and he helped inspire her keen interest in art. Moving to New York City for what was only intended to be a year, Leyla fell in love with the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and especially the Children's Book room at the New York Public Library on 53rd street, a treasured sanctuary which became her second home for inspired learning, and joy. Leyla has written and illustrated several children's books published by Farrar Straus and Giroux NYC, and been commissioned for special projects by The Nature Conservancy. Educated in Colombia and the United States. Leyla is an experienced teacher who has worked in the visual arts with students at every age and level.

"When I first got an e-mail from Leyla for this course I immediately signed up for it. [The Joy of Origami] is precisely what I had been wanting to do for the past year, as the more I folded the less challenging origami seemed to become. I was struggling with switching my mindset from following instructions to creative thinking and this was the push I much needed to overcome it!

Leyla was charming and wise, everything she shared with us was extremely valuable to build up my confidence and skills to try and fold something new, her experience is truly admirable. Meeting other folders from around the world was also great and I felt happy to get to know very talented people and have a great time during the lessons. I would completely recommend this course!

Leyla, thank you so much for the opportunity, I am truly grateful of the experience and thankful for getting to know you and the rest of the group." ~Caterina Russildi

"I signed up for [The Joy of Origami] because I wanted to become more creative in my folding techniques. I found the class to be very encouraging and non-threatening. I also valued Leyla's stressing the four aspects of creativity that are so much a part of our folding. She is a wonderful teacher who makes me feel very comfortable and willing to take risks. Leyla's emphasis on curiosity and playfulness gave me newfound confidence, which in turn allowed my folding to evolve. ~Kate Edwardson

"The course has been a highlight personally for me, it has opened my mind to all the possibilities possible, and I look forward to persevering with designing my own origami.

It's worth seeing what are the possibilities while designing, and that origami has no boundaries.

I was struggling with having the confidence to try and work out my own designs and look forward to when my 365 days of origami is over to spend the next year on my own creations." ~ Anna Turner

"I have enjoyed [The Joy of Origami] as a worldwide concept. I have been doing origami for several years but haven't had the right tools to take my origami into "design mode" until now. To learn the small steps to unlock some doors in my mind has been a great experience. You are a great and patient teacher with a lot of heart warmth. It has encouraged me to start a journey of origami design and it gives me a more complete understanding of the design process. Thank you for teaching these classes." ~Wenche Lise Fossland

"I have thoroughly enjoyed thinking and folding for the past few weeks. It was challenging without being intimidating. I gained confidence with each fold. I thank you for your support and appreciation of all of our attempts. I especially enjoyed working with the windmill base. It provided enough structure to comfortably explore multiple variations." ~Carolyn Richardson

“Where do goosebumps come from? This past year has been another remarkable effort from you Leyla, to bring to us all, the most spectacular models always superbly taught. Behind and inside each tutorial is always a gentleness and, I feel, the essence of the true spirit of origami; and that indeed is love.” ~Rosemary Browne

“Thank you so much for your knowledge, talent and inspiration. Your tutorials are enjoyable and peaceful which helps the learning process. The art of Origami should be taught in that manner. I think there is more to this art than just folding a piece of paper. It takes your mind away from the daily stresses, gives a sense of accomplishment, and a great piece of art to display.

Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. I am glad to see you are taking your sight to new levels. Origami is in your heart. Keep sending your passion to us!” ~ Pat Demharter

"THANK YOU!!! Incredibly-clear instructions! SO happy; will practice for a beautiful cousin celebrating his 90th in July. He is a huge elephant advocate. Thank you, again!!!" ~Tricia Ford

Thank you for the video – you included an extra step towards the end which made all the difference for me. From scratching my head to aha I’ve got it! ~Anne

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a question not answered here?
Email your question to: [email protected]
How much time will each session take?
It is suggested that you spend at least two hours folding and processing the material covered in each module.
How experienced do I need to be with Origami to take this workshop?
If you can fold the origami crane you will do just fine with the course material in this workshop.
What are the technical requirements to take this course?
You need to be able to access the internet and be able to watch videos with audio. If you've used Facebook, and watched Youtube videos, you should be just fine.
How long will the course modules be available?
We expect the course to be available online for at least 12 months. If for any reason the course needs to be removed we will notify everyone who has purchased the course and make it available as a download.
If I get stuck on a model or assignment, or have questions about any of the course material, is there somewhere I can go to get help?
Everyone who has purchased the course is invited to join a private Facebook group to share their work, ask questions, and offer support and encouragement to others in the community. I will be monitoring the Facebook group and will gladly share my own observations as needed.

This course is not open for enrollment.